I create web-sites, online stores, web-encyclopedias, open-source projects, emails and much more...

In my work I use HTML, CSS, SCSS/SASS, JS/TS, React, webpack, Node.js, 11ty and BEM-methodology. I am attentive to licenses and believe that if you do not want or cannot buy a proprietary product, you can always find an open-source alternative. I believe that there is no need to create special versions of websites for people with disabilities. It is necessary to make the sites initially accessible to everyone.

I love photography and science fiction. I can recommend reading the trilogy The Remembrance of Earth's Past (地球往事) by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣)

I helped to launch an open-source online encyclopedia for web-developers in Russian Doka (Дока). And now I'm helping the Doka core-team with community, streams and conferences. I set up content production tracking and systematized feedback about training at Practicum by Yandex web faculty, set up training and commissioning of new content managers, wrote documentation on the tools they use, searched for and systematized errors, collected the course pages that you see on the Practicum website and I also worked on,,, ноу-хау.рф,,,,, I am currently working on interfaces and improving accessibility at

I speak Russian, German, English and basic Turkish.